About MSCC

This site was built on the same basic design as MSUA and my motivation was to scratch an itch. I simply felt that using a spreadsheet to track my own nutrient intake, weight and such things was just too clumsy. And thus MSCC was born.

The name

Mludd's Simple Calorie Counter, makes for a neat four letter acronym, just like MSUA. Which is fitting since it's built on the MSUA code.

The tech

Just like MSUA it is built on what can be described as an approximation of the MVC design pattern with the server-side code being written in PHP and JavaScript (with jQuery and Chart.js) being used for client-side scripting. For templating it uses Smarty and MySQL is used for data storage.

The code

Just like MSUA this application is GPL licensed and can be downloaded and extended by anyone who wants to.